May 25, 2006

New study shows parents suck at parenting

A new study shows that 8 out of 10 kids watch too much tv. Apparently children as young as 6 are glued to this shit.

Now I am all for tv, but when parents start using it as a babysitting tool, then get pissed off cause little Billy is repeating what he heard on The Sopranos, or fucking some other 10 year old bitch in homage to The O.C., and censor my shit, I have a problem.

All these uppity people who don't control what their kids watch, don't need to be controlling what I watch either. I like some fuckin and shootin and cussin in my nightly viewing pleasures, so leave me be.

I really do think that kids need a balance of tv and reading. You don't want a bunch of dumb asses becoming the future white trash of America cause they are watching wayyy too much Blue Collar TV. That should never be allowed. We don't want kids aspiring to be dirty rednecks. Instead they should watch America's Next Top Model, because it will instill them the high moral fiber and values that America is all about!

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