May 23, 2006

Malicious Yahoo! Messenger worm plays makes you listen to shitty music...

A worm (a form of computer virus) that wiggles through Yahoo Messenger hijacks your web browser and takes you to sites that infect your computer, but it also plays this shitty crap rock every time you boot up.

So basically some kid who has never been laid wants to make you listen to his crappy garage band and could only develop said device with the help of adware and spyware sites, so match made in heaven I guess.

But you can't make people listen to shitty music unless you are Clear Channel. Take a hike Johnny Nerdala, I'm not buying, and neither is the girl next door, she's wayyy out of your league. Why don't you just shoot yourself now, while you haven't made an even bigger mess of things.

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