May 22, 2006

Louisiana Democrats love that cookie jar...

Much like most LA Democrats, Congressman William Jefferson has been caught accepting bribes.

This bitch is on the Ways and Means Committee (the most powerful role in congress) and is doin this shit. Is he crazy? The Republicans will eat up any Democratic scandal they can muster, and lord knows they are in charge of those who look into scandals (one of reasons they get away with so much) so even though the Democrats are just as shady, and stupid, they should know better.

This guy had the $100,000 hidden in his freezer wrapped in fucking aluminum foil and in the bag of peas and shit. Yeah, he's not guilty. Stupid asses deserve to get caught when they take their scandal bribe money hiding tips from movies like Blow and Goodfellas (if you don't remember the characters went to fucking jail!) That's like finding a bag of blow in a teenagers care and him saying, "that's not mine...". Just wait for his ass to pull the black card, or the frame up or some shit.

This is much like former governer of LA, Edwin Edwards. That bitch was so crooked he had to screw his socks on. But the difference with the Jefferson douche, is that Edwin knew how to play the shady game well.

He got bribed and was all like yeah I took that money. And the prosecutor was like "see he admits to taking the bribe..." And Edwin was like, "no I didn't take a bribe," and the prosecutor was like, "but you took the money to vote this way, you admitted it," and Edwin was like, "yeah I took the money, but I didn't vote the way he wanted me to so it wasn't a bribe," and the prosecutor was like, "so you took the money for your vote, but didn't vote that way?" and Edwin was like, "yeah! I'm not gonna turn down free money!"

His ass got off, too. Genius!

Democrats take the lesson of Edwin Edwards, if you are gonna be a shady mcshadester, then do it right! And don't fucking hide your money like some kinda crack dealer, that's what Swiss bank accounts are for!

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