May 3, 2006

Limeys are healthier than "US" cause they are smarter!

damn limey

The British are substantially healthier than Americans, a new study shows. Maybe a spot of tea and a crumpet is better for you than a fucking Big Mac and fries.

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me, because British people are smarter. I mean listen to them speak, they just sound smarter. We sound like fucking idiots with all of our accents (North and South).

"Hey ma, what's that dumbfernacle majiggy doin on that there tay vee seyat?"

"Get in the cah and driuve to tha western side of the hackey rink, ya got me?"

We seriously have the dumbest accents in America. At least everyone else's doesn't make them sound stupid, it makes them sound more intelligent... well the European/Australian ones do...

Either way, they may be overall healthier, but our fucking teeth are straighter! Take that you limey bitches!

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