May 22, 2006

Just face it Yahoo, Google owns your ass!

Yahoo! is trying to revamp their look again in efforts to beat out the competition posed by Google. They are adding all this shit to make it "easier to route through the extra bullplop..." The biggest problem is that Google rocks and isn't full of all that extra shit. When Yahoo started going away from the search engine and to more user stuff, is when Google started taking over.

If you want the extra stuff, then you can go to it, but if I am searching for a monsters that look like the one in my closet, or for butt implants blessed by a priest, then I am going to google it, because I want to get to those search results ASAP, not have to weed through all the unimportant things like news and weather.

That's why google wins. It's just a search engine, but you can get all the other stuff as well if you want it (of course why would you want libelous fake news on with way to much opinion on those other sites, when you can get the cold hard facts right here on newslined!)

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