May 8, 2006

A Jewish Chinese restaurant? Woman kicked out for not being a fatty fat fat

So some bitch was kicked out of an all-you-can eat buffet for wasting food. She paid her fee, but her kids didn't finish all their food and changed their minds, so they got banned for wasting too much.

What I want to know is how is it different if they took the food and didn't finish it, and some fatty came in and ate everything. Either way the food is goin somewhere, whether it is the trash or the digestive system.

Besides, all you can eat buffets for $5.95 aren't exactly the most stellar cuisines. Maybe they decided they didn't want roasted German Shepherd that night, and decided to go for the Sweet and Sour Tabby Cat.

Either way, people who get pissy about wasting food and say shit like, "there's starving people in 3rd world countries and you are wasting," I always say, "well here, stick this food I have here into a ziploc baggy, and fucking ship it over to Ethiopia if you are that damn concerned."

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