May 2, 2006

Illegals show us how great it is when they are "gone"

go home

So a bunch of illegals protested by not going to work or school and called it "Day Without an Immigrant," which is probably a play with the mockumentary titled Day Without a Mexican.

Ok, yeah, so what the fuck do they think they are accomplishing by showing us that we can go to a McDonald's and hear English coming through the loud speaker by an employee that was naturally integrated into society, or having to face less traffic without fear of being hit by someone uninsured.

Seriously, they can fucking boycott all they want til they finally give up and go home. These bitches need to learn that most of us don't give a shit about their plight, we just want it to be the United States of America again, not North Mexico.

They think they deserve some kind of special rights, when they aren't even fucking citizens and have no claim to shit. The fags aren't boycotting when the government strips rights away from them, and if they did, people would actually feel the pain. No weddings, hair cuts, makeup artists, fashion designers, waiters, florists, interior decorators, Ryan Seacrest, dog walkers, personal shoppers.

The lube, crystal meth, and Home Depot markets would plunge. No more Andersoon Copper on CNN and plenty of other news media agencies would hurt as well. Think about all the butch ones too, with construction, IT, oil, advertising, and many other industries would also take a big pinch. But that's because the gays are everywhere, not just working on lawns for cheap.

So the illegals really need to shut up, because they have it better than quite a few, even when they aren't legally entitled to shit.

Here in Texas I didn't really feel anything from their departure. The only reason I knew that it was the day of the protest was because the beer section at the gas station wasn't empty at noon.

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