May 1, 2006

If it was a black crack head, his ass woulda gone to jail


Rush Limbaugh basically got off the hook for bein a big ol druggie, and asshole.

The dude admitted to using illegal perscription drugs because of his addiction, and felt like since it was a "problem" should not be prosecuted.

They made a deal if he stayed off the smack, his charges would be dropped in 18 months.

This bitch goes around preachin about the wrongdoings of everyone, but once he does something illegal, he shouldn't be held accountable? What next? When he's caught with a little boy in a harness and a bottle of poppers, he's gonna say it's his right to do anything behind closed doors, or that he was teaching the dangers of online usage to his little neighbor Timmy?

It would have been much cooler if he just admitted the truth, "drugs are fun, and I like to get a little high cause I'm so full of shit it hurts my tummy." That would've been much more respectable than "I have a problem, boo hoo... Rush (cause he probly talks in the 3rd person like a big lose) is a big pussy with a tiny peen." Ditto, Rush.

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