May 25, 2006

I should start betting on Idol

Taylor Hicks rocked it all the way to the end, becoming the 5th American Idol. Everyone knew his ass was gonna win, even McPhee who had this look on her face like, "Damn, his crazy tarets ass won... oh well I don't have to give all my cash monies to fucking AI, so fuck off bitches, I shall return!"

I am glad Taylor won. I picked his ass to win from the beginning, and he was never in the bottom 3. This is the 5th time I have picked the winner from the auditions. Cause I am awesome like that. You know it's true.

Now off to Vegas, to bet on season 6. Hopefully they will be a lot better than season 5, cause my ass couldn't take another Elliot or that fat Mexican guy who got kicked off first, how the hell he made it to that far beats the hell out of me. Paula was probably wasted, well more like was wasted.

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