May 31, 2006

I didn't know metrosexuals liked pain and pleasure (PNP)...

Blogger Perez Hilton is no metrosexual, he's a full blown fag. But more importantly, he's also interested in "groups" "casual sex" and "pain and pleasure (PNP)". So he likes to be doing drugs and spanked and flogged by a bunch of people while flipping (wtf does that mean?) and getting fucked (says he is versatile, which everyone knows means bottom)?

He also likes to occasionally use drugs and is rockin a 7.5" which according to a friend, is internet inches for 3-4", which is a pinky winky (plus he's fat now so it probably shrank even more). At least he's negative and not spreading HIV, but since he's hangin with Paris, you know he is spreading other things like the herp and crabs.

I seriously just vomed even thinking about the self hating fag that would fuck this douche bag.

[Thanks Sassy, I heart you]

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