May 4, 2006

I didn't know foxes were really pussies

Fox has reconsidered the new drug law which would decriminalize small amounts of drugs including heroin, marijuana, and cocaine.

The US got all uppity cause they didn't want Americans taking advantage of the law (like I said Spring Break '07), so they demanded the Mexicans change it.

What is fucked up is that Fox is extremely for the law, but he is backing down cause Bush doesn't want to share the cocaine with anybody else.

The mayor of San Diego called it "appallingly stupid." Them's fightin words, if you ask me. Fucker is worried about the teenagers goin over to Mejico and tokin it up, but you know his ass would. The adults just don't want people to enjoy the things they do, do as I say, not as I do.

What's even more preposterous is that we spend 13 billion in drug enforcement, while only 9 billion on international aid.

I think we should mind our own fucking business, if the druggies wanna go over and kill themselves with an 8-ball, then that's their fucking perogative, PLUS that means one less junkie we have to worry about tryin to ask us for money when we're tryin to get clumsy on the strip (that sympathy cane totally doesn't work on me, ass face!).

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