May 18, 2006

Homey don't play dat: AT&T bein sued for shady dealings with NSA

AT&T is sweatin right now because a class action lawsuit was filed for them illegally giving over phone and e-mail records to the government.

Apparently they are saying that it was a matter of national security, and the government is bein all pissy cause if the case is tried, they will be busted for all the illegal shit they are doing. You know the government just wants to find your information so they can call and leave messages of sweet nothings on your cell phone.

The other companies denied involvement, which is so stupid cause it has been proven and reported that they did hand over the information.

Either way, I smell quite a scandal. My personal favorite is this:

Nichols also contended that the constitutional authority of the president ``trumps the right of public citizens to have their day in court. It's not a new thing.''

Yeah, that makes me feel really warm and fuzzy. More like heated and furious. I don't want nobody spyin on my ass.

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