May 2, 2006

Google should totally cut a bitch totally bitch slapped Google by going to a Microsoft powered search engin on the site this week.

I don't know what their problem is. Everyone knows google is the best at everything including e-mail, search, news. Yahoo! is second. But Microsoft? They suck. Everything breaks on purpose just so you can put more money into Bill Gates's pocket.

Fuck them. And the Microsoft guy said that this was a win for the "little guy," since Microsoft was in 3rd behind Google and Yahoo! for search engines. Well yeah, because their search engine sucks ass!

I mean if you search apple, the engine will be like "we do not have any records matching..." you know their search engine is skewed for companies and products that they profit from. At least Google is fair and cool and ran by young hippies and nerds who got tired of the bullshit from companies like Microsoft.

Fuck Amazon. Tall bitches scare my ass anyways.

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