May 17, 2006

G-mail Chat: Ry, Sammy discuss American Idol (Go home fug face!)

2:25 PM Ryan: why sad?

2:29 PM dude, today has been crazy
i learned how to hack an ipod and take files from it to the computer
20 minutes

2:49 PM me: NICE

Ryan: i'm going to jack all your songs when i get home

2:50 PM yeah, apple can't keep me down!
me: okk hold on

2:56 PM me: hahaha nice, so it wont fuck up my ipod will it

2:57 PM Ryan: no i just downed my music from mine to share with the office people it's just a backdoor apple doesn\'t want people to know about very non-invasive they just gave me a VoIP phone, it's attached through my laptop, so they can track my ass down anywhere I go!

2:58 PM Ryan: what are you doing today

me: working update newslined damnit

Ryan: nice i can't go there on this computer

me: y

3:00 PM Ryan: cause they track internet usage

3:01 PM me: so

Ryan: i can't
what are you doing today

me: working
update newslined

Ryan: nice
i can't
2:59 PM i can't go there on this computer

me: y

3:00 PM Ryan: cause they track internet usage

3:01 PM me: so

Ryan: i can't
until i get home

3:04 PM me: they track it here they have to look at it to see doubt they are gonna look at it unless u give em reason to

Ryan: i'm so new, i'm not going to push it wait until I'm a little more settled why don't you update it, i\'m busy too

me: ugh
3:05 PM i am too
me: i cant wait for BB7

Ryan: me either, that will be some prime quality shit
3:16 PM we have to vote the for Janelle like crazy
oh Kidd Kraddick said he heard a really strong source say Fug Face Elliot is going home

3:20 PM me: nice

3:22 PM Ryan: yeah, it'll be a nail biter tonight, cause you know those people are whack they do crazy things
i hope paula keels over from shock
her drunk ass needs a hospital stay

3:25 PM me: fuck yes i hope she cries her ass off and pisses off kathryn and taylor
u know she hates kathryn

Ryan: me too
she does
she hates her cause she is so booty-ful

me: i fucking loved how hard theyve tried to make this a guys competition and kathryn keeps defying their asses

3:26 PM i hope she can pull it off one more time
theyve OBVIOUSLY had a bias against her, yet she still somehow keeps clingin on cause the fans love her

Ryan: i think Simon likes her

me: i do too

Ryan: he picked the perfect song for her
simon is the least biased

3:27 PM me: i think he did it so shed have a fighting chance to stay on
Ryan: even if he hates your ass, he will give you props if you rock
yeah me too
i'm glad paula didn't pick her song, instead she sent goat boy home

me: yuppers
i cant believe he got this far
3:28 PM i mean come on
that senators daughter was better than his ass

Ryan: yeah, but she was frigid

me: people were all sayin how hell do well,
and i was like yeah!
in the las vegas motel 6!
hell be the headliner

3:29 PM Ryan: haha i just laughed out loud

me: people were bashing kathryn saying she thinks shes fantasia
and i was like ummm minus the baby!
and she HAS a career ahead of her

3:30 PM Ryan: exactly AND she doesn't sound like a duck and Kat can read ohhhh that was mean bad ryan

me: and would at least abort that shit
oh snap
kelly clarksons still my favorite

Ryan: cool beans
kelly is my favorite thus far
kat will be my new favorite, cause she's sassy

me: yeah i like her, but she still doesnt have the bad assness and booty like kelly does
3:32 PM i think its cause kellys a texan
and kats a california girl
3:33 PM lately taylors been a bit too polished for me, i liked his rawness a lot more
and it seems like hes losing it
i love kathryn for her polish and control, i loved taylor for his raw grittyness
3:34 PM but it seems like hes trying to be something hes not (dancing on purpose is not cool) and singing lessons are taking it away so im kinda torn

Ryan: yeah, i feel you, cause taylor\'s first performance last night was amazing and his other two - he was trying too hard

me: yeah

Ryan: i like it when he's singing and it's happenstance

me: exactly

3:35 PM Ryan: but now Kat just belts out angel-voice

me: like his audition (still my fav taylor vocal)

Ryan: and when she's on it, she's ON it
yeah, i liked that too
i think both of them need to sing more alcapella

me: yea

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