May 22, 2006

Fuck you Mexico, we don't want your shitty taco jobs...

Mexico doesn't give people jobs if they aren't native born, yet expects us to allow all these fucking illegal immigrants to break the law by coming over here and reward them with citizenship?

To hell with them, they are just trying to cut down their population cause they haven't heard of the morning after pill and need to kick all the babymommas up to America so we can take care of them.

Or they are just trying to take over America slowly so they will eventually garner so much political pull that they can change it to North Mexico. Seriously, they send all these people over here and slowly but sureley they will breed their way into the majority and take over everything. It is actually quite a smart plan, which is why I couldn't believe that is what is happening.

I mean they aren't getting a stellar education in their own rat ass country, nor here, so I highly doubt that such a profound strategic move would be made by anyone from the Americas.

Well maybe Canada, but they wouldn't want to come over here. They are all like, "move to America, are you crazy, eh? wait, i'm lost, what were you talking aboot, eh?"

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