May 5, 2006

Find the golden ticket, live in a house full of douches

UK Big Brother is ripping off Willy Wonka by putting a golden ticket into a Kit Kat bar and if you get it (and pass a background check to prove you're not a crazy ass), then you can live in the shows with all the other douche bags.

Of course I would totally love to be on Big Brother, cause you get to be a conniving bitch without all the bugs and sleeping on the ground and shit. You can lie your ass off and fuck with people, and be really bitchy to the retard nerd herders.

I can't wait for the new American season. It's gonna have "all stars" and you get to pick which ones! I am sooo all for Janey and the middle eastern guy. They were rock stars. Can't wait to see em to cut the bitches.

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