May 3, 2006

Fatty fat fats caused rest of students to miss out


Stupid fucking fat kids had to make it bad enough by being bullies or annoying nerds with their curly red hair, now they've fucked everyone else out of having sodas in schools. They reached a deal today that pre-high school machines would have low fat milk and juices, while high schools would have diet coke and unsweetened tea (make me vom) and some other nasty shit.

Honestly, diet coke is fucking nasty and I wouldn't drink it if you paid my ass... well I would consider depending on the amount, I ain't no cheap ho.

But why can't people make their own fucking choices? I mean, if I was in high school and wanted to drink a coke at lunch, that would be my fucking perogative. High school is bad enough for most people, taking away the pick me up just makes it worse. Of course the fat kids will still be happy, cause they fucking order everything on the menu... and a diet coke.

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