May 1, 2006

Dumb skank isn't a complete broke ass just yet


Anna Nicole Smith won her appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court, allowing her a claim at her dearly departed dirty old rich man.

Like the bitch really needs the money. I mean she did those Trimspa ads and had that ridiculously awful show on tv (it was awful cause no one wants to hear some stupid fat ass bitch goin "mmmeeehhhh rreeehhh, I'm a stupid biitch baby..." like every day.

I mean she is pretty fug to begin with, but the whole gold digging thing just makes it sad. Hopefully her and DORA (a for asshole)'s son can come to an agreement and share daddy's money. Or they could fight to the death. My money's on ANS though, cause she can fight like a wench in heat, but also likes to abbreviate for no apparent reason.

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