May 5, 2006

Don't spit, or Liangliang will crush your puny human ass

not liangliang

Chinese tourists are getting in trouble because they are doing exactly what they do at home, cut in line, be trashy, and spit everywhere. Now I am all about shootin out a lung cookie every now and then, but come on, spitting everywhere in doors as well? That's just ridiculous.

Apparently the Chinese government is warning them to be more "civil," cause they'll probably send their new robot army that they are building to squash the puny humans that are disobedient.

That shit wouldn't surprise me. Fucking asian tourist get on my nerves too. Always with their fucking cameras and chingy chongy speech goin "ying yongy bai lai wonton soup mish non harro!"

And their food sucks too. That's why I like Japanese people, they make cool video games, they are much more polite, and they eat sushi. Japan should build their own robotic army, and take China down. I'll help with my mad karate skills. And my robot sidekick will shoot his laser cannon at you, then do a funky victory break dance that only robots can achieve tactfully. Take that you commy bastards.

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