May 30, 2006

Cheap ass couldn't just pay for his tickets?

Democratic senator Harry Reid accepted free boxing tickets from the state of Nevada because he is trying to have more government control over the "sport." The state wanted him to go to a match and understand the implications it would have on the state if they imposed more regulations, and although legally it was fine he took the tickets, was it right?

Karl Rove is reallly stretching for Democratic scandals by bringing this shit to light, but nevertheless the cheap ass should have just paid for the tickets so he couldn't be scrutinized. It's not like he didn't have the money, of course he's probably around Lieberman a lot, so I'm sure some of that rubbed off on him.

With one Democratic Congressman hiding cash monies in his freezer, and another being one of those Vegas freebie addicts, is the Democratic party really that broke? Is Dick Durbin gonna start hawkin shit in his garage? Say no to tort reform, this shit is getting ridiculous!

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