May 8, 2006

Bush wants some military dick to run the CIA

I'm not really comfortable with an Air Force general running the CIA. There's just something wrong with putting military assholes in charge of civilian agencies like the CIA or FBI.

That's like putting a federal employee over a state agency. There's just a big conflict of interest.

It is bad enough we have combined everything into Homeland Security (especially with all the corruption and kiddy porn running around in it), but now putting the military in charge of the CIA? I don't think so.

We need JJ Abrams to set them straight and let em know that the military dick head who comes on board to run the show is always more incompetent and usually corrupt, and it is the agents job to take his ass down or prove his idiocy and have em removed. You never side with the pompous "higher up" that assumes control. Why start now?

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