May 2, 2006

Boo hoo hoo I may still be rich as fuck, but I lost millions, I'm so misunderstood, boo hoo hoo

Not only shoud his wrinkly tired old ass be put in jail, all his extra cash should be given to the people he completely fucked over in the Enron scandal.

Kenneth Lay is whining because he lost millions in the collapse of the company, yet he's still rich. Basically he said he suffered personal loss too, so he shouldn't be in trouble.

Whatever fuck head, your ass should be donating all that money you still have to all the families who lost everything thanks to your corruption.

Just cause you had to buy a $10 million yacht instead of a $30 million one, doesn't make you going through "hardships."

Even if he gets put in jail, you know Bush will pardon him. I say stick em in there, then somehow "lose" him in the hole or something. He can have a mighty good time with all those people who were forced to steal to live after the Enron disaster and see how he likes shankins in the morning and rapins in the evening.

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