May 25, 2006

Bitch got caught, he should step his ass down

Ok, so this Democratic Congressman William Jefferson is being asked to step down from his committee post, but he is refusing. Listen Mr. Jefferson, when your ass is hiding $90,000 of bribe money in your freezer, and you get caught by the FBI, I believe it is time to step down.

Of course he knows that Louisiana doesn't give a shit if you are a crook (they re elected Edwin Edwards) so he knows as long as he isn't arrested and convicted, then he can still win re-election.

Problem is that all the Democrats want his ass out cause they don't need scandal with this gain in approval thanks to Bush and the Republican mistakes (ahem Tom Delay ahem).

Step down mother fucker. If my ass had cash monies hidden in the fucking popsicle box, I wouldn't be "declaring my innocense," I'd be on a plane to Tahiti with my concubine before they take away all my money.

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