May 11, 2006

Be sure to use code words, big brother is listening to your ass

The NSA has been getting call records from major phone companies so they can see who your ass is calling, without a warrant.

The only company who refused to cooperate is Qwest, meaning anyone who uses them better find a new service plan, cause them bitches are gonna get cuh-losed down.

They are spying on our asses. The calls they are "researching" are all Americans calling Americans, and how this is to find terrorists beats me.

You bitches be forewarned. If you wanna call your hookup, you better use code words for the crack and gonj. Don't be all like "hey man, I need some crack," when calling your dealer. A much better approach would be, "Hey, I need some help landscaping, could you do my yard work for me?" That way they'll think you are calling a Mexican, and you know their asses will leave you alone, cause they sure as hell aren't busting on illegals. They'd rather go after the citizens.

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