April 17, 2006

Word to South Dakota babydaddies: Double wrap that shit! Babymommas: get some damn pepper spray!

South Dakota just signed a law that bans any kind of abortion, except for saving the life of the mother.

This is so fucked up. They are doing this so they can take it to the Supreme Court and try to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Does anyone not understand the importance of Roe v. Wade? Before it we had all these coat hanger operations killing people and making it pretty fuckin unsafe to get your girl pregnant without havin to take a trip to the ol dumpster.

Seriously, abortions may not be the best option for some ho, but at least it is there for the bitches who get raped by their grandfathers. Would you want to bring that fug ass retard into this world?

Abortions are good for population control as well. We don't need more ugly babies running around Wal-Mart half naked yelling shit I can't understand cause I failed Spanish 3.


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