April 11, 2006

When in doubt, just lie your ass off

So this Foreign Minister bitch Alexander Downer got caught allowing AWB basically fund Saddam Hussein with millions of dollars, and when confronted about it, he's all like "Nope. I didn't do it." He even went to say they did a good job! A good job of fucking bribery! I love the balls on this guy.

"No, I think the department did a good job," he said. "I think they fulfilled their duty. I think they are very professional people. I have faith in their professionalism. They strongly believed in the (United Nations) sanctions regime."

He just point blank lies, and he's all givin em a look like, "that's right bitch, I just lied to your fug face. How you like it? You love it, don'tcha?" I seriously think these guys believe their own lies sometime.

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