April 19, 2006

Temper tantrum alert: Jerry Falwell is all flustered

Jerry Falwell lost his court battle against the web site,, which uses the common mispelling of the name to show people of this bitch's anti-gay stance.

First of all Jerry, quit being a whiney little baby. Of course you are going to have critical sites when you run around with your hate speech and crazy talk. I mean anyone who says 9-11 happened because of the gays, is bound to have sites attacking them.

The problem is that Jerry can't take what he gives. I mean you know his ass is so freakin tight from all those years of repression and anger and squeezing in all those wet farts during church services.

I think if he's gonna be so judgemental, he should try it first. Maybe that'll loosen out that uptight sphincter of his. Just relaxe Jerry, take it all in. But then again, I doubt he could find a fag that would touch his fug ass with a 10 foot dildo.

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