April 20, 2006

Surprise, surprise, David Lee Roth got his ass fired!

bunk ass

David Lee Roth's craptastic radio show is being canned by CBS Radio. What's even funnier is that Opie and Anthony are replacing his ass, and they were fired 2 years ago for airing people having sex in a church.

I bet he's fucking pissed that he not only got the axe, but he got replaced by the two biggest douches in the world (well 2nd and 3rd, Ryan Gaycrest owns first place).

XM will be syndicating the Opie and Anthony show to CBS. Which is even funnier that XM is now syndicating to the big guns. Satellite radio owns those bitches now!

Maybe his tired old ass will realize there is only one thing left to do. Give up and move to bum fuck nowhere Kentucky so we never have to see or hear from his fug face ever again.

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