April 25, 2006

Stupid ass! You're not Santa!

So this stupid ass locked himself out of his house, so instead of breaking a window or using your stealth lock picking skills like a normal person, this bitch fuckin climbed down his chimney.

Jesus. But no, it gets better. The master of all intelligence decided to take his clothes off so they wouldn't "slow him down."

Ok, I knew some people were into freaky shit, but this bitch takes the cake. Naked chimney sliding is definitely a new one (unless you count that one Christmas where Santa got a bit too drunk on the 'nog and decided to...) .

Well of couse he got himself stuck up in thar chimney. The whiney bitch then proceeded to call for help until a neighbor heard his cries and called for the popos.

I would've left his ass in there. Then gone in his house and taken all his shit. I'd skip the route through the chimney though. I'm more of a smash the window with a crowbar kinda guy.

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