April 19, 2006

Some bitch tried to blow up one of the last great American airports

get outta my way bitches!

Some bitch had a "suspicious" device on their bag in the Atlanta airport.

They called a bomb squad and some other law enforcement bitches to investigate.

You know it was probably some fatty's c-pap machine or some shit. But if it was an explosive or something, I hope they beat that bastard's ass! They can't destroy my favorite airport!

Dude, the Atlanta airport is like one of the remaining airports that doesn't discourage people from smoking or drinking. They have those awesome glass rooms you can just walk in, and through the simple process of breathing, you can get a nicotine fix for the next year or so.

Plus they have bars with smoking sections and shit. Fuck that, keep the good airports, there are only a few left (and for those smokers who also route their flights on smoke breaks a few of them are: Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Nashville, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City).

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