April 20, 2006

Seven pederass priests kept their jobs

Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony let seven different priests accused of fondling little boys keep their jobs, and didn't tell anyone!

There is definitely some kind of boy fondling conspiracy in this damn church.

I mean Baptists are fuckin crazy, but at least they are only caught trying to fondle undercover police officers after they go on giant gay bashing parades. It's much better to be caught as a hyprocrite going after an adult, in my opinion.

It's like the NAMBLA headquarters should be St. Catherine's Cathedral or something. Honestly, these bitches need to at least go for someone with a little grass on the field. And if they are caught, they shouldn't be protected by the church.

You know those Baptists are excommunicated when they are caught at the bath house, and their dirty secrets are at least legal!

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