April 13, 2006

Seriously the worst scam ever...

Some crazy ass in Kansas City made up an elaborate hoax that she was having sextuplets and needed "help" from the community and neighbors.

First of all, I wouldn't help some bitch cause she was having kids. Fuck her, that's what she gets for bein a ho!

She even let an AP reporter into her home and I guess she was wearing some kind of basketball. Obviously it's not that hard to pull off a fake pregnancy (see Katie Holmes), but it is kind of hard to lie about having six children jump out your twat, especially when everyone realizes you haven't given birth in over a year (see Katie Holmes) or that there aren't a bunch of little annoyances running around.

She's apparently in legal trouble for making up the story. I for one am torn on this. For one I think her stupid ass neighbors got what they deserved for being retarded, while I think this bitch should be punished. Personally I think they should make her pregnant with sextuplets, and see how she feels after that.

One butter ball shootin out that tiny canker would be bad enough.

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