April 13, 2006

Scary Movie 4: he said, she said

Sammy: Well I thought it was pretty fucking awful at the beginning. I mean seriousy, Dr. Phil and Shaq in a room together trying to be funny sounds about as much fun as watching a full evening of UPN (UPN would win in fun factor), but honestly Shaq was the winner in acting ability (of course he had practice with the timeless classics Kazaam! and Steel). At least Dr. Phil admitted he was a fraud, though.

As for the rest of the movie, the funniest parts were whenever Ana Faris was there. The painful parts were when she wasn't, excluding the Brokeback Mountain spoof, that shit was fuckin funny.

Honestly, the itch I had on my butt cheek that I couldn't scratch without being seen as some kind of perve held my attention a lot more than most of the movie.

I would say somehow see the movie for free (not condoning or condemning your means) and watch the BM and The Village spoofs for a good laugh. The rest you could flush down the bench with Carmen Elektra's obscenely hilarious diarrhea.


Ry: So sitting in the press screening of Scary Movie 4 last night left something to be desired. Actually a lot, as 70% of the seats were empty. Whether or not this has to do with the movie or the publicist, I'll let you decide.

As far as the movie, it started off on a lame spoof of Saw with Dr. Phil and Shaq. Shaq being by far the better actor. Then we are thrown into the world of Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) as a spoof on War of the Worlds and the ever popular Cindy Campbell (Ana Faris) in a Grudge spoof.

The screen lights up the second Faris enters, bringing her brand of comedy to the forefront. Every scene without her is just a little less funny. Though hers get even better when her friend, Regina Hall (Brenda Meeks) is found rummaging through a downed plane.

The highlight of the movie is a spoof on The Village, with Faris and Meeks enterting the village as a way to escape the oncoming Tripods. Meeks and Carmen Electra steal it away, with the requisite sex and potty humor.

The ending is a spoof of Tom Cruise's couch jumping on Oprah and is only mildly funny. If you want the real gut-busting laughs, skip the Dr. Phil scene, watch the meat of the barely over an hour long movie and stop it. You'll actually leave thinking you watched a really funny episode of MAD TV.

Bottom Line: Okay bitches, this is mildly funny, with a handful of gut busters. But I recommend saving the dough and watching this shit on Showtime.

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