April 7, 2006

Romijn should have stayed with Stamos

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos should have stayed together, because now that they are seperated nobody gives a fuck about either of them. JS's show "Jake in Progress" was kicked off the air twice only after one episode each time. ABC says it may come back, but I highly doubt it will stick around, cause it is pretty fucking worthless, just like him.

RR has a new show premiering tonight that sounds like a big pile of bull plop, and I can't wait to see it cancelled, cause her ass needs to focus on making lesbian assassin thrillers and being Mystique in X-men, not on craptastic sitcoms that make me want to vom all over her skinny twat.

EDIT!!! Apparently Stamos is joining ER, which is about fucking time, because you know that shit's gonna be cancelled within a year or so, and he's just the guy to make it happen.

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