April 21, 2006

Pablos beware! Homeland Security will actually do their job


Homeland Security has been deporting some bitches. With all the hype of the new immigration laws, the department has been raiding businesses and sending people packing.

Apparently they are treating it like organized crime and have actually managed to do their job. I mean it's not that hard to find a big group of illegals. Just walk into a fucking McDonald's or (my personal favorite) go to a construction site and yell "La Migra!" They fuckin disappear faster than a slutty blonde in Aruba.

They found all of them because they researched the social security numbers that were procured illegally (the numbers matched to dead people).

I know if my ass was dead and buried, I wouldn't want some fucking bus boy pretending to be me. If I am gonna be a victim of identity theft I want it to be some bad ass Russian spy or some shit. Then they could shoot bitches and I'd get the credit. It would be awesome.

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