April 18, 2006

Ousted Disney Tool Tries Again

Michael Eisner is at it again. It's not bad enough that he gave Disney a butt fuck of the century in his latter years as President, now he wants to do it to the internet!

He's investing in an online TV/Movie delivery system, where we can all go to watch television on the internet.

One problem with this bud - We don't watch T.V. on the internet. We watch that shit on our T.V.'s you dumbass. Now maybe you've all seen a movie that happened to accidentally download to your computer and you couldn't figure out how to get your DVD burner to work, so you were absolutely FORCED to watch Transamerica on your computer screen, but seriously!

I'm not sitting down in front of the computer unless it's to update this shit! Bitches beware! Eisner will have the internet by the balls before he's done!

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