April 12, 2006

Nasty ass soda can also cause cancer

So this gross ass Polar Diet Orange Dry will not only make you vom all over your new kickin pair of sneaks, it will also give you cancer!

It was found that this and In Zone's "Bellywasher" both have higher amounts of cancer causing benzene. Yeah I really wanted to drink these BEFORE I found out about the cancer.

You all get home and are like, mmmm I'll have me some "Bellywasher." Not so much. Unless you like drinking something that will induce bolemia and cause cancer at the same time. Then have at it!

Not to mention the fact that the drink's packaged like an action figure or toy or some shit, obviously some dubious plot for population control by killing off poor kids (cause you know the more affluent only go for coke... sniff sniff... I mean gulp gulp... ahhhhh.)

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