April 11, 2006

Los Mexicanos de United Stateso

viva mexico
A ton of illegal immigrants are running around protesting this immigration reform claiming that they will vote their asses out if it passes.

Why are these even considered as threats? First of all, most of those fucking people are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, as in they CAN'T FUCKING VOTE! Secondly, the ones who have shady friends and were able to snag a stolen social security card, well yeah they can vote, but I highly doubt they will, cause Mexicans don't vote.

Seriously, they don't. No minority does in big numbers. If they did, we wouldn't have all these Republicans running around. They are way too busy eating burritos and picking fruit to be voting anyways, just like the young people are too busy smoking pot and playing playstation, and the gays are getting fabulous window treatments and fucking random strangers.

Stereotypical, yes. But you know it's true.

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