April 20, 2006

It don't matter if you bash gays or are one, if you suck you're out!

Ace Young was kicked off American Idol last night.

It's about fucking time! That bitch was in the bottom three more times than Mandisa put her foot in her mouth or Kelly Pickler has given her obnoxiously fake "I'm sorry."

My favorite part though was when Taylor had to choose which side was bottom three and which side was safe.

It was fucking obvious which side he was going to choose. I mean Ace was in the group on the right! Hello! That is a dead give away which side was going to be safe, that and Katharine was on the safe side (and you know that bitch is gonna go til the end).

All I can say is farewell, and this is what you get for being a big douche and wearing sleeveless t-shirts. Seriously only rednecks and gay people wear them.

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