April 20, 2006

I'll cut a bitch if the nazi media companies fuck with my TiVo!

Phillips has created technology that would force you to watch commercials.

Apparently this shit freezes on the commercials, and if you don't want to watch them, you might have to pay fees.

What the fuck? I know my ass isn't watching any commercials unless it is absolutely hilarious (not often) or it is a movie trailer that I haven't seen (which is rare as well thanks to

I will fucking revolt bitches! There is no way they are taking the joyous pleasure of starting a show 15 minutes late just so I can fast forward those damn commercials and try to figure out what the fuck Jack Bauer is gonna do next.

Seriously, shows like 24 and Lost have to be watched without the damn commericals. While shows like One Tree Hill and any CBS sitcom are better without the damn show. Just a 30 minute - hour long block of commercial would be much better.

The good thing is that the technology also lets you choose if you want to watch a program without commercials, but you know the head Jews at the media companies would make you fucking pay for that shit. Maybe if I didn't have to see some bunk ass Cingular ad with Ryan Seacrest's tool face, or Catherine Zeta Jones hawkin your fat ass for T-Mobile, I wouldn't mind them so much.

All I have to say is that if my ass can't watch free tv without having to sit through those boring ass commercials, someone's gonna get stabbed!

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