April 20, 2006

If they didn't make bunk ass cars, they wouldn't lose money

General Motors has announced its 6th quarterly loss. Well duh! Them and Ford make shitty ass cars, that's why.

Seriously would you want a Chevy or a Taurus that breaks down all the time, or the transmission just falls out when you're goin 80 down the highway for a booty call? Hell to tha fuckin no, you do.

No you want some stylish Infiniti or some shit, that gets you laid. Honestly if some douche came up to your ass in a damn Buick Regal with the "A" and the "L" scraped off (so it would be a Reg *pronounced Ree-dge*) you would pull out your pepper spray and squirt his ass in the face.

Now if some bad ass strolled up to you in a pimped out Infiniti G35 (four door, he's not a tool) you'd be all like "heeeyyy, how you doin baby?"

Just hope he's got some RU486 up in there, don't want no babies runnin around.

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