April 27, 2006

I Couldn't Wipe My Ass With $100


As you know, Exxon is raking in billions in profits over the last three months. Something like 8.4 billion in PROFIT.

So the Republicans decided a good idea to alleviate the gas burden would be to give $100 rebates. Okay, so suddenly the government is fucking Best Buy? Rebates? Bullshit.

They won't even specify who might get these rebates. They also tacked on to the bill a measure which would allow drilling in Alaska. So they slaughter poor wilderness bunnies and give us rebates. I've seen and no thank you. Leave the bunnies alone!

Have you ever tried to get a fucking rebate before? It takes 6-8 weeks from Best Buy, could you imagine how long it would take to get one from the government?

The Democrats want to lift the government gas tax of .24 a gallon for 60 days. Now there is some thinking. That helps everyone quickly. They also want to tax the ass off the Oil and Gas companies. Instead of giving them billions in tax cuts.

Like Sammy said, let's go panhandle in Exxon's yard. Let's add the Republican Senate to that too. Those Butt Monkeys drive me ape shit.

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