April 10, 2006

Guys with 'God Bless America' shirts are nuts

crazy asshole

Ok, so this nutbag jumped the fence on the white house lawn and ran screaming that he "had terrorist information" for the President.

This shit is fucking great! This dude looks like some kind of Waco cult member runnin around in his thrift store t-shirt.

Of course the cops arrested his crazy ass, but this isn't the first time he has done this!

Does he really think that putting on a "pro-America" shirt will be what gets him past the guards. He's all like, 'dude, look, I'm all for God AND America, look at my shirt," *pistol whipped* "no wait, dude, seriously, look at the shirt, God Bless America... bless it... yay America... no... no don't..."

I hope they beat his ass for being such a tool box.

Watch him in action:

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