April 21, 2006

FDA poopoos on pot heads' dreams; hates fags, cancer people

The FDA said no to medical marijuana, largely due to the fact that the DEA is givin it to them from behind, without a fucking reach around!

These bitches said there was no scientific fact that marijuana helps people. Even though countless studies have proven that it helps with AIDS wasting and nausea from chemotherapy in cancer patients.

It's obvious that the FDA doesn't really give a fuck about the actual medicinal use of drugs, it just cares about the political side.

I mean look at Advair, one of the side effects of that drug is DEATH IN BLACK PEOPLE. But not white or asian or hispanic? And they passed that shit! Conspiracy?

I think the FDA just sits there with a check list and is like, "dude, let's find the craziest ass side effects this shit can cause, and then pass it and see how many dumb fucks actually use it." "Shaaa bra, it'll be sweet."

Me thinks they've been tokin on the gonj a tad too long. That's why they don't want you bitches having it, cause pot heads are stingy fuckers, especially when its dank. They are just bogarting that shit for themselves.

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