April 11, 2006

Europeans Evolve while we De-volve

Mr. Show was sooo beyond its' time as it showed the segment, "Blow Up The Moon," cause that's exactly what we're gonna do!

Seriously, I really think that the US federal government is full of a bunch of pot heads. While Europe is going after things like Venus, we are still focusing on the freakin' moon. And we're not gonna just put people on it this time either. No, we're gonna fucking bash it to see if it has water.

Does that really sound like something we should be doing? Someone hire a neanderthal to run NASA?

"Hey we need to see if there's water on the moon..." - Govt.
"Why?" - NASA
"Cause we want to know..." - Govt.
"Oh. Ok." - NASA
"How do we do that?" - Govt.
"Oh, I don't know, hit it with something?" - NASA
"Brilliant!" - Govt.

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