April 18, 2006

Equality Ride! I Looked It Up!

After posting a story about Soulforce and their Equality Ride, I just had to look this shit up.

I'm all for equality, especially at repressive Universities like the ones they've been visiting. However, through my knack for investigative journalism, I have discovered a big hole in their plan!

This Just In: The SoulForce riders are FUG! This is why Christian groups are rallying against them! They sent the most FUG gays and lesbians they could find!

Go click the link a.k.a. Headline above and check this shit out! Oh and they have a hamster with them on the bus! Shit! You know that hamster is getting shoved in places that only dildos should go! Save the hamster!

Oh and donate to them immediately! They need cash monies! Then maybe they can afford to hire pretty gays to put on their bus of gaydom! No one arrests pretty gays!

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