April 14, 2006

Drunks and lushes unite: Nazi Texas has surrendered... for the time being

Texas is so fucked. I mean besides redistricting, and providing the world with GW, and taking away rights, and all the other shit we cause, this law was the most fucked up thing I have ever heard of.

Basically "Operation Last Call" takes TABC (The Gustapo) officers into bars and they arrest people for public intoxication.

Now if you just went, "arroooo" and cocked your head, you are a completely sane person. If you went, "hey that's brillaint!" go the fuck away and never come back.

But anyways, so yeah this crazy ass law let them arrest almost 1200 people. One guy was arrested at a hotel bar, when he was staying at the hotel!

Now my happy ass would never have stood for that. I would've been all like, "Bitch pig, I'll fuckin kickjgkj youra arhgklj" *falls over* *snoring sounds*... so umm anyways, mmm beer... ummm back to the law... yeah they decided to "halt" it for a while.

Well yeah! I mean, look at prohibition. Didn't work. And Texans may be small minded assholes, but we like to drink. A lot. Don't mess with a Texan's beer or poontang, or they'll boot-kick your ass into one of the bordering states.

And with a choice between Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Mexico, I'd sure as hell take Texas. Last time I checked there was never a show called "Oklahoma City," and I highly doubt Little Rock is a live music capital of anything (other than bands that consist of kitchen utensils). Shit, most of New Orleans is already over here.

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