April 25, 2006

Don't smack gum like a douche, you won't get arrested!

kill you

So this douche, Veysel Dalci a Turkey political official, was arrested for chewing gum at a ceremony honoring some tool.

Ok this shit is crazy. I mean yeah, he was probably smacking it too hard like some douche bag little league baseball coach, but did he deserve to be arrested? I would probably let the political official go as I'm sure he was not on a major quest for tooldom, but the little league coach I would most likely detain.

Those bitches need to be taken off the street. All they do is terrorize the other kids by raising the biggest fucking asshole children known to man. Seriously, their kid is always the cunt you just wanted to run over with your 4-wheeler.

And if you were a po-ass with no 4-wheeler, than bashing his face in with a rusty chain would've worked too!

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