April 28, 2006

Don't fuck with our song Pablo

USASome bitch recorded the national anthem in spanish, and the President actually stood up to the bitches who think that they can swim over a river and have eleventy babies, and then demand power, without learning our language.

I am actually quite shocked Bush was so blunt by basically saying that they should learn god damn english!

I figured he would have said "mucho goodo" or some shit about the song. I personally think it sucks because most spanish music does. I mean seriously, does anyone really want to hear an accordion any more?

I don't want to hear a bunch of gibberish either, unless I am drinking margaritas and watching a bitch get fucked by a donkey in Puerto Vallarte, I really don't need to hear anything other then "Yes, I speaka the English," or "And with the rockets red glare, we shot your ass back to Mexico."

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