April 21, 2006

Danny don't play dat - Pataki can suck it with his ridiculous name, vetoes

take it

Rosie's fag brother Daniel (I call em Danny *make your O face* O-ooh-ooh) O'Donnell won't stand for governors with stupid ass names like Poontaki and shit. He also won't stand for a veto on this education bill.

Basically they give extra state help to people in school, but with the veto it won't help people who work or have to take care of their kids because of the credit hours requirement.

He's all like, "Veto schmeto, look mother fucker, these babymommas and aspiring actors gotta be pimpin and hoin to make ends meet, they can't be all schoolitized all the time. Dayum bitches, I'll dick slap your asses, represent!" Cause he's b-a-double d, badd like that. You tell em Danny O!

The Assembly (stupid pretentious New Yorkers can't have a state house, they have to have an "assembly" like they are in fuckin high school or some shit) and Senate can override the idiot governor.

Well hells yeah they can, he better watch out for those assembly bitches in Harlem. They'll cap his ass and steal his shoes cause they are po and don't give a shit.

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